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Mission, Vision and Value Statements

e have clearly defined mission, vision and value statements to guide the actions of our company, outline our overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making. The mission, vision and value statements provide the framework or context within which our company’s strategies are formulated.

Our Mission

Brain Jar’s mission is to empower unqualified practitioners with the skills and resources they deserve. The programmes are set in developing highly skilled practitioners.

Our Vision

Its vision is to empower Practitioners to teach our children of tomorrow.

Our Values

VALUES In a nutshell, this company celebrates differences and promotes transformation.

General Company Description

We intend to provide business learning interventions to employees in order to empower the individual and improve quality service delivery within a company. The purpose of training is to ensure employees are adequately equipped to meet the requirements of their current positions, grow professionally and maximise growth of all its employees.

It is our company’s intention is to develop a skilled, competent and confident workforce through training interventions that would equip and enhance the growth of the learner, their employer and society.

We aim to achieve this through:

• Nationally recognised and accredited learning programmes;

• Needs Analysis and Relevance to business needs and;

• Improved skills and work performance.

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